Frequently Asked Questions

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Does speakhub have all podcast content ?

You will be able to find all the podcasts on speakhub that you would find in another podcast app. The data in speakhub is organized so that you can find easily content that is relevant for you. In case you are missing a podcast channel, just send us a feedback and we will add it promptly.

Which audiobooks are available inside speakhub?

Currently we have over 15000 audiobooks that are available for free. These are audiobook available via the Librivox project and are in public domain. These include titles across multiple genres. We are also working hard to extend our audiobook collection.

On which platforms is speakhub available?

Speakhub is available as a web-application. It means that it works over browsers and can be used on desktops, tablets and phones via the web browser. Speakhub is also available as a Google Home application .

How can I report inappropriate content ?

We use content that has gone review and filtering process from Apple and other major podcast platforms. However, if you wish to report something, you can use our feedback form and we will take action appropriately.